Why be together?

What Kind of Work Have I Done?

·         Lots of Writing — Here on the blog, I will cover topics related to productivity, design, technology, environmental health, the Challenge of Parenthood and personal interest. I’m open to any new writing opportunities. And this is freaky: I like writing documentation and funding proposals. Also phD level scientific articles on my chemistry or environmental sciences research.

·         ResearcherMy thesis is a good example of my research philosophy and approach.

·         Funding Counsellor — Development of Funding Proposals of  Industries, Universities

·         Teaching and Training. I have taught Atmospheric Chemistry in Universities.

·         I know my way around PCs, in more ways than commonly people do. 

Why Do People Like Working With Me?

Hm, that’s a good question. Here are some plausible answers:

·         I am an innovative thinker who emphasizes building “real stuff”. The integration of theory, practice, communication, and storytelling are the four pillars supporting my work philosophy.

·         I have both a tech and a theoretical background, so I can talk shop with multi-origin people.

·         I know a lot about parenthood, challenges of New Century and development because of my Chemistry, Funding, Technology backround.

·         I’ll go through large quantities of data to extract the critical elements, so we can frame the challenge as clearly as possible.

·         I am very good at deconstructing things down to the component level, so I can reconstruct my understanding from the ground up.

·         I know how to ask questions and get the answers I need. In the absense of answers, I can synthesize new guidelines and principles as needed. That’s the fun part.

·         I possess the knowledge to find what I want on the Internet in more than ten successful ways.

·         I love theory and perfection, but I’ve learned to love implementation more.

·         I’m a meticulous and conscientous project manager / client relationship contact / negotiator when I need be. I can self-manage, but prefer to maintain a close relationship with a working partner, manager, or other stakeholder directly involved with the project.

·         I’m a good listener and an objective counsellor. I’m also an excellent teacher with a flair for analogy and demonstration. So I’ve been told, by almost everyone I spend time with.

·         I enjoy communicating and communicating and communicating, I believe in people that think new ideas, I believe that people together can do miracles.

·         I like good food. I won’t stop us from having that delicious lunch, and if the gig is going well it’ll even be on me.

·         I am generous with my knowledge and experience. I wouldn’t be here today if others had not been the same with me, so I pass it forward.

·         I am a student of leadership.

·         I am not afraid to say I don’t know.

Want to Know More?

·         Send me an email!

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