Simple ways to teach kids what is good for them

I was inspired by a very funny article on dadsgripe ( on a baby that ate a whole apple!
It reminded me that I always wanted to write down some simple things I have discovered when raising my daughter. She is nine now. In my universe these truths worked, so I will be glad if I could help some parents with at least food habits.
It suits every situation. The best period to implement these ‘raising recipes’ is until 4 years old. After that all is totally dificult. All good habits are attained till 4, as psychology says. Till then the whole character is built!
The principle is simple.
Do you wish youw child to have good habits?
What you have to do is become a transformer parent.
This means you totally change all your bad habits, in front of a child. So simple. This is why raising a child is so challenging and creative. You do not have to teach by words, you only have to show them. This is because children grow by mimics!
Do you wish your child to eat healthy, eat healthy in front of them. I ate chocolates when she went to bed!
Do you wish them to say ‘thank you’, be polite in front of them. We have never tought my daughter in words to say ‘thank you’, but she always said by herself because we say it so often! Most of the times parents that are totally impolite, are very strict with their children and shout to them to be polite!
I would like it very much, if you try it and suceed! Let me know!

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