People that help kids

Negreponde a very good person with no connection to reality? Help him!

Is Negreponde the new queen Maria Antoinette that claimed that starving people could instead of bread eat a piece of cake? No touch to what life is like for poor people! Kids do not know how to chew food.., something they are not familiar with!

Negreponde visualizes a better world. I am with him 100% and all people that work for a better world. I think these people are the worlds substitute of bad governments, they are the governments! Volunteers and people with nice thoughts. The pragmatic governments are nothing more than servants of the 500 most rich people of the world (they pocess more money than the rest population of Earth!). Not to say that our Century will remain in history of earth, like the era that people adored money, above God, above anything.
To come to our subject Negreponde visualized each kid of the Third world to owe a laptop of 100$ (One Laptop Per Child (OLPC ) Program), but no distribution cost and maintenance cost is included. This price is to be achieved if 1000000 pieces are manufactured at once. But these countries do they have money to invest at once this amount of money?
He is planning to add Wi-Fi Internet connection in countries that have no Wi-Fi antennas! Are we well-fed people so far away of what reality is like in countries like Nigeria?
Please help him! His intentions are good! Give him something to think about and help realize this marvelous dream quite effectively. Scientist as brilliant as they are, are not always realistic, as a matter

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