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Advanced Parents

Parents nowadays ‘park’ their children, at least in the ‘Civilized’ part of the world.
Except for some ‘gem’ parents that not only do not ‘park’ their children but re-invent Parenthood.

Here is what I consider a Virtual Board of Parenthood Directorate!
Brett Blackadar is definately a prominent member. Delightful father that takes Parenthood a step ahead.
Were you asking me, people like him should belong to Think Tanks. People genuinely interested in children’s life should be leading anything that has to do with kids. Not spineless administrators without vison. Unfortuanetely, this is the case in almost every nation of the world.
Internet has revealed to me thousand of gems like Brett and what I am going to do is ……make My Virtual Parenthood Directorate.

Any more gems you know and would like to propose?
Like Brett Blackadar…

About a caring mom

I like writing about things that empower and inspire people, covering topics such as development, becoming productive, sustainable living, environmental health summing up to the business of being a parent in the new Century.

Looking for scientific information on modern life challenges, ways to overcome the complicated challenge of parenthood in the New Century?

You can find that information about my offerings on the Working with Photini page, later! You can also check out the list of favorite posts in the right sidebar for a small sampling of what I’ve written…that’s a pretty good way to get a sense of what I’m into. Or just browse the site!

I will be waiting eager to find if other parents are so serious about kid-breeding and realize how much more difficult it is than in the old days, since the challenges nowadays are not only to take care of the kid not to hurt by falling, but:

·        the food they are eating

·        the organ thefts around us

·        the electromagentic radiation around

·        pollution around

·        human relationships nowadays

·        complicated nature of everything

·        challenge of new technologies

·        isolation

·        etc.

I’m also interested in networking with experienced, talented, and conscientious parents with or without scientific background. Do you enjoy discussing, sharing, and making cool stuff? All together we can make the differenece and we owe it to our children. Since New Technology gives us this opportunity, let’s grab it! Enjoy your visit to the site, and please do not hesitate to say “hello” !