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Mama 1, I am a Guru

If only they knew -mostly men- what it is to be a mother and how devostating it is not to be understood, by your partner in life, your dear husband.

If they only could see it the way I will describe it below, I think everything would be different, they might even apologize.

Here is, how it is. A woman giving birth changes all her habits at one day. She can not make herself available the way she wishes, but all have to be made according to what the NEWLY BORN HE or SHE wants. The baby deprives her even of the time she goes to the toilet. HE or SHE arranges the schedule. Can you imagine what this means for a human being, you have to be a Yogi. Imagine someone would tell you tomorrow I would like you to change one bad habit that you have, let’s say to put your legs on the small table of the living room. Well, a woman is told from the day her adorable baby is born to cahange ALL her habits at once. Can you imagine what stress this brings to a person, how nervous she could be, not to mention the after birth blues. I hope I am not mistaken, I ador my child, the process of being a mother and staying a mother, I think it is of the most creative situations one can live, myself considered a pretty creative person, but before giving birth I could not understand what would be the difficulties. Myself being a strong person, I could not find anything that would bend me, like wakeing up at night and things like that. The biggest difficulty is psycollogic you have to become a totally different person from one day to another. What I an saying is that if men would understand that this is what hapenned to their wife’s lifes, they would treat her differently and if they loved her they would help her. If you take the guy and tell him “My love the whole life of mine has changed and do not know what to do: I can not wake up the time I wish, I can not make a phone call the time I wish, I can not go for a walk the tiem I do not feel well, I can not make a bath the time I wish, I can not, I can not, I can not”, he should be very ignorant not to feel something. Do you think so? I am not telling that I did it, because at that time I could not understand how I should put it, although I have to say that he was helping me a lot,our problems were of another nature. But I suppose that if I had put the matter in the exact word, he would feel more concious in the procedure and would not feel confused.

We are half of the population of earth, but …at the same time we are a minority, as far as the way we are treated is concerned. And we have to fight for that, because even in family traditions there are some slavery residues in the relationship of man and woman that go from one generation to another, because it is so convenient…

And there are always those distorted examples from the nature:

female hens and the male

noone says that the female lion brings the food and the male lies all day at home, not to mention that always in nature males have to make up theirselves to attract female, not the opposite that hapens in humans

and many other such examples that I will not bring up here because we will turn it to Zoology, not that it is not!


All I know is that I will fight for the best raising up of my child, which has everything to do with a good relationship with the father, and much more nice ideas.

We make the universe, because we are the ones that pass principles to our male or female offsprings. It is not without significance that nature has given us this duty, the most difficult job, to create and raise human beings. So, more respect please….

You know what I would like? If you try what I suggested above, please share with me if it has succeeded or failed! It will be very nice also to try things together, it will be like we are a very nice gettogether that share our lives. It is one of the miraculous opportunities given by Internet. Friends, friends, friends…