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Advanced Parents

Parents nowadays ‘park’ their children, at least in the ‘Civilized’ part of the world.
Except for some ‘gem’ parents that not only do not ‘park’ their children but re-invent Parenthood.

Here is what I consider a Virtual Board of Parenthood Directorate!
Brett Blackadar is definately a prominent member. Delightful father that takes Parenthood a step ahead.
Were you asking me, people like him should belong to Think Tanks. People genuinely interested in children’s life should be leading anything that has to do with kids. Not spineless administrators without vison. Unfortuanetely, this is the case in almost every nation of the world.
Internet has revealed to me thousand of gems like Brett and what I am going to do is ……make My Virtual Parenthood Directorate.

Any more gems you know and would like to propose?
Like Brett Blackadar…

A good school is a good teacher.

Just it!
As simple as it sounds, yet majestic.
A school is as good as its best teacher and as bad as its worst teacher.
Parents are helpless, regarding this reality.
On one hand they have to be in good terms with their child’s teacher, on the other hand they have to critisize if they are good or not.

I want no actress…. to educate my child!

All actresses, singers, politicians, all types of people have entered my living room and sat on my sofa for ever. They have even taken my chair in educating my child of what is right and wrong! Even if you turn off TV, read no media, they come close to my child via other children.

I am fed up with this. I have spent years to teach my child what is good and in moments of TV watching, the strong audio-visual message wins me! The winner takes it all. My child’s soul, everything! I want my child’s soul back!

I want no actress that WISHES TO MAKE BOTOX TO HER OWN CHILD (you know who), to educate my child.

I will continue with this list. Add your celebrities, too here. You understand what my opposition is.

Why be together?

What Kind of Work Have I Done?

·         Lots of Writing — Here on the blog, I will cover topics related to productivity, design, technology, environmental health, the Challenge of Parenthood and personal interest. I’m open to any new writing opportunities. And this is freaky: I like writing documentation and funding proposals. Also phD level scientific articles on my chemistry or environmental sciences research.

·         ResearcherMy thesis is a good example of my research philosophy and approach.

·         Funding Counsellor — Development of Funding Proposals of  Industries, Universities

·         Teaching and Training. I have taught Atmospheric Chemistry in Universities.

·         I know my way around PCs, in more ways than commonly people do. 

Why Do People Like Working With Me?

Hm, that’s a good question. Here are some plausible answers:

·         I am an innovative thinker who emphasizes building “real stuff”. The integration of theory, practice, communication, and storytelling are the four pillars supporting my work philosophy.

·         I have both a tech and a theoretical background, so I can talk shop with multi-origin people.

·         I know a lot about parenthood, challenges of New Century and development because of my Chemistry, Funding, Technology backround

·         I’ll go through large quantities of data to extract the critical elements, so we can frame the challenge as clearly as possible.

·         I am very good at deconstructing things down to the component level, so I can reconstruct my understanding from the ground up.

·         I know how to ask questions and get the answers I need. In the absense of answers, I can synthesize new guidelines and principles as needed. That’s the fun part.

·         I possess the knowledge to find what I want on the Internet in more than ten successful ways.

·         I love theory and perfection, but I’ve learned to love implementation more.

·         I’m a meticulous and conscientous project manager / client relationship contact / negotiator when I need be. I can self-manage, but prefer to maintain a close relationship with a working partner, manager, or other stakeholder directly involved with the project.

·         I’m a good listener and an objective counsellor. I’m also an excellent teacher with a flair for analogy and demonstration. So I’ve been told, by almost everyone I spend time with.

·         I enjoy communicating and communicating and communicating, I believe in people that think new ideas, I believe that people together can do miracles.

·         I like good food. I won’t stop us from having that delicious lunch, and if the gig is going well it’ll even be on me.

·         I am generous with my knowledge and experience. I wouldn’t be here today if others had not been the same with me, so I pass it forward.

·         I am a student of leadership.

·         I am not afraid to say I don’t know.

Want to Know More?

·         Send me an email!

About a caring mom

I like writing about things that empower and inspire people, covering topics such as development, becoming productive, sustainable living, environmental health summing up to the business of being a parent in the new Century.

Looking for scientific information on modern life challenges, ways to overcome the complicated challenge of parenthood in the New Century?

You can find that information about my offerings on the Working with Photini page, later! You can also check out the list of favorite posts in the right sidebar for a small sampling of what I’ve written…that’s a pretty good way to get a sense of what I’m into. Or just browse the site!

I will be waiting eager to find if other parents are so serious about kid-breeding and realize how much more difficult it is than in the old days, since the challenges nowadays are not only to take care of the kid not to hurt by falling, but:

·        the food they are eating

·        the organ thefts around us

·        the electromagentic radiation around

·        pollution around

·        human relationships nowadays

·        complicated nature of everything

·        challenge of new technologies

·        isolation

·        etc.

I’m also interested in networking with experienced, talented, and conscientious parents with or without scientific background. Do you enjoy discussing, sharing, and making cool stuff? All together we can make the differenece and we owe it to our children. Since New Technology gives us this opportunity, let’s grab it! Enjoy your visit to the site, and please do not hesitate to say “hello” !


Negreponde a very good person with no connection to reality? Help him!

Is Negreponde the new queen Maria Antoinette that claimed that starving people could instead of bread eat a piece of cake? No touch to what life is like for poor people! Kids do not know how to chew food.., something they are not familiar with!

Negreponde visualizes a better world. I am with him 100% and all people that work for a better world. I think these people are the worlds substitute of bad governments, they are the governments! Volunteers and people with nice thoughts. The pragmatic governments are nothing more than servants of the 500 most rich people of the world (they pocess more money than the rest population of Earth!). Not to say that our Century will remain in history of earth, like the era that people adored money, above God, above anything.
To come to our subject Negreponde visualized each kid of the Third world to owe a laptop of 100$ (One Laptop Per Child (OLPC ) Program), but no distribution cost and maintenance cost is included. This price is to be achieved if 1000000 pieces are manufactured at once. But these countries do they have money to invest at once this amount of money?
He is planning to add Wi-Fi Internet connection in countries that have no Wi-Fi antennas! Are we well-fed people so far away of what reality is like in countries like Nigeria?
Please help him! His intentions are good! Give him something to think about and help realize this marvelous dream quite effectively. Scientist as brilliant as they are, are not always realistic, as a matter of fact it is quite the opposite.

Do you give your kid antibiotics every day?

In the modern way of animal feeding, animals receive antibiotics every day, that in our turn we humans consume every day through food! Our organisms gets used to antibiotics and when ill we can not defeat illnesses in relation to viruses. Moreover, if we consider tat for te next 20 year, science has a limit in producing new antibiotics, we leave our children unprotected. Facts worsen if we consider that scientists report that cancers are gradually diminishing and the new threat will be viruses, we already ahve encountered in AIDS, SARS etc.

Do you usually radiate your kid every day?

Concerns have been raised about seemingly high numbers of cancers in some neighborhoods and schools close to electric power facilities. In recent years, three state health departments have studied apparent cancer clusters near electric power facilities. A Connecticut study involved five cases of brain and central nervous system cancers in people living near an electrical substation. The local rates for these types of cancer were found to be no different from statewide rates. Examination of cancer rates at various distances from the substation also failed to show evidence of clustering. In North Carolina, several cases of brain cancer were identified in part of a county that included an electric power generating plant. An investigation showed that brain cancer rates in the county, however, were actually lower than statewide rates. Among staff at an elementary school near transmission lines in California, 13 cancers of various types were identified. Although this was twice the expected rate, the state investigators concluded that the cancers could have occurred by chance alone. Swedish government issued a public information document in May 1994 that states, “We suspect that magnetic fields may pose certain risks to health, but we cannot be certain.” While research is under way to pin this down, the report continues, “there is good reason to exercise a certain amount of caution.” The Swedish government recommends against locating new homes and schools near existing electricity generating plants and proposes that high magnetic fields in homes, schools, and workplaces be limited. It specifically states, however, that “current knowledge is not sufficient for us to tell how magnetic fields affect us. So we do not have a basis on which to set [exposure] limits.”
Meanwhile, some authorities recommend taking simple precautionary steps, such as the following:
-Increase the distance between yourself and the EMF source-sit at arm’s length from your computer terminal.
-Avoid unnecessary proximity to high EMF sources-don’t let children play directly under power lines or on top of power transformers for underground lines.
-Reduce time spent in the field-turn off your computer monitor and other electrical appliances when you aren’t using them.

Let us express ourselves…

Let us express ourselves for everything that has to do with kids!  

See this : Forget school surveillance cameras-let’s get a robot! 

Either you like it or not, declare it! We have enormous strength in our hand! We are online! If we disagree a big DEMONSTRATION is online. Just comment on our site, here!